About us

Facet Publishing, the commercial publishing and bookselling arm of CILIP: the library and information association, is the leading publisher of books for library, information and heritage professionals worldwide.


Our business has a long-standing global profile. We market and sell books all over the world and the Facet brand is recognised as the home of quality content for the information professions. We publish a range of titles for practitioners, researchers and students with authorship from some of the leading minds in the field. 


We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. As a small team we can be highly flexible and responsive. We are able to give our authors the care and attention they require from inception through to post publication. We work closely with our writers to develop their proposals, nurture them through the writing process and offer them the best editorial and production support that we can. We are quick to market and concerned that our authors and audience are happy with the finished product.

Peer Review

We know how important it is, both to our authors and our readership, that we maintain the quality and credibility of what we publish. All new book proposals undergo a full single blind peer review process in order to fully evaluate and develop the content we commission.  


Our books are available in print and digitally and we have close relationships with library suppliers, bookshops, distributors and agents throughout the world who we keep regularly updated with accurate bibliographic data. We have a team of international representatives and agents who understand their local markets and can build nuanced relationships with academics, libraries and trade customers in their territories. Our books are also available through all major online booksellers.


Within the team we have many years of combined experience across commercial publishing. We know what makes a good book and make it our business to know what the readership wants and needs. We pay a great deal of attention to helping our authors formulate books that are market oriented and fit for purpose. Our first question is always why would anyone want to buy this book? We make sure we stay in touch with the sector by visiting conferences and events and networking with our audience and by talking to fellow publishing professionals to ensure we stay on top of our rapidly evolving industry.


We know that our reach and understanding of our market is our most important asset. We attend a number of industry conferences and seminars in the UK and, via our agents and representatives, around the world. We select the most appropriate seminars, unconferences, symposia and webinars and ensure that our authors' content is represented to its target readership. We also make sure that our authors write for a truly global audience. We are committed to increasing the discoverability of our authors' content, using chapter abstracts and other tools to unlock hidden keywords and aid search engine optimization.


We know the importance of building relationships with key organisations and associations within the field. We build mutually beneficial relationships to achieve global reach and the right content for our readers.