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Maxwell's Handbook for RDA: Explaining and illustrating RDA: Resource Description and Access using MARC21


Designed to interpret and explain RDA: Resource Description and Access, this handbook illustrates and applies the new cataloguing rules in the MARC21 environment for every type of information format. In this clear and comprehensive resource, cataloguing expert Robert Maxwell brings his trademark practical commentary to bear on the new, unified cataloguing standard. From books to electronic materials to music and beyond, Maxwell: • Explains the conceptual grounding of RDA, including FRBR and FRAD • Addresses the nuances of how cataloguing will, and won't, change in the MARC21 environment • Shows cataloguers how to create and work with authority records of persons, families, corporate bodies, geographic entities, works, and expressions • Explores recording relationships, working with records of manifestations and items, and more • Provides numerous sample records to illustrate RDA principles. Comprehensive in its coverage, the book will aid readers in understanding and becoming comfortable with the potentially forbidding new structure of RDA and contains appendices that discuss the treatment of specialised materials. Readership: A guided tour of the new standard from a respected authority, this essential handbook will help cataloguers, LIS students, and cataloguing instructors navigate RDA smoothly and find the information they need efficiently.
1. Introduction 2. Describing Manifestations and Items 3. Describing Persons 4. Describing Families 5. Describing Corporate Bodies 6. Describing Geographic Entities 7. Describing Works 8. Describing Expressions 9. Recording Relationships Appendix A. Printed Books and Sheets Appendix B. Cartographic Resources Appendix C. Unpublished Manuscripts and Manuscript Collections Appendix D. Notated Music Appendix E. Audio Recordings Appendix F. Moving Image Resources Appendix G. Two-dimensional Graphic Resources Appendix H. Three-dimensional Resources and Objects Appendix I. Digital Resources Appendix J. Microform Resources Appendix K. Serials and Integrating Resources Appendix L. Analytical Description.

Robert L. Maxwell is senior librarian and chair of the Special Collections and Formats Catalog Department at the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University. His most recent book, FRBR: A Guide for the Perplexed, was published in 2008. He has chaired the RBMS Bibliographic Standards Committee of ACRL and has served on the Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA) of ALCTS. He is the author of the Highsmith Award-winning Maxwell's Guide to Authority Work as well as Maxwell's Guide to AACR2.

"An alternative title: All you wanted to know about RDA and MARC21, but were too afraid to ask...The weighty tome is comprehensive; it's also a very, very good reference guide. It covers all aspects of RDA and how RDA fits in with MARC21, making it an ideal book for any cataloguer...It really is an incredibly detailed work, perfect for answering any potential cataloguing query. This is an essential book to help elaborate on the RDA Toolkit, and should prove a worthy addition to any cataloguer's shelf."

CILIP Cataloguing and Indexing Group Newsletter

"The handbook...will assist experienced cataloguers as well as LIS students in the application of the most commonly used RDA rules for description of entities and resources and the definition of access points in order to help to implement the new cataloguing system. It provides useful information at a foundation level."

IFLA Education and Training Section Newsletter

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